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My name is Karolena and I am a second generation owner of Professional Auto Care a top rated auto care and auto repair shop located in SW Houston. I am an ASE Certified Service Consultant and an ASE Certified G1 Technician. I served as the Houston Chapter Automotive Service Association President for two terms. I am graduate of the Bauer College of Business with double majors in Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management. After graduating college, I could have left Houston to pursue a career with my degrees, however, I am staying. Ever since I was a kid I knew PAC (the shop) was mine. 

I always wanted to run my parents business when I grew up. And now I get to do that everyday! I remember walking around, wanting to know what the techs were doing and saw how much my parents were helping people take care of their cars. 


There is so much room for improvement in the Automotive Service Industry and I wake up every morning passionate about making a difference. I feel a fiduciary responsibility towards my clients. They're not customers, since I feel I advise people than sell them work. My job is organize information in an easy to understand format and present different options so my clients can decide the best course of action for their family to achieve their car care goals. 

Obviously, I am grateful to my parents. They have showed me the ways and helped me take my first steps into a larger world of auto care. But there is another. Behind the scenes a now good friend of mine, Michael Prince, has helped me develop my Service Smart℠ program. Originally a client of mine, who is also a programmer, saw what we were doing at Professional Auto Care, making PowerPoints with pictures and typing relevant information about what the car needed. Emailing and sending pdf estimates. We had been doing this as long ago as 2009. We also had an individual Excel spreadsheet for every client and each of their vehicles.... He couldn't believe the man hours involved behind the scenes to sustain all this work. And it was killing us. 


He has joined me on this AMAZING adventure and helped me create the Service Smart℠ program we have today. The flawless, beautifully simple reports are his creation. He finds the ability to put my pictures and sketches of how it needs to function to computer.  And my clients can attest to my drawing skills... A habit of mine when I want to explain something. He saw the immediate benefit we provided him during his visit to our shop and saw how it could help thousands of people. 

So while yes today there are other applications that put together information, but they are missing the secret sauce of Service Smart℠. The potential for standardization within the industry like we provide. A program designed to bridge the gap between client and technician. Something that can make auto care ACCOUNTABLE which is lacking in many areas of life these days

The biggest problem in this universe is nobody helps each other. I started this blog to help share my knowledge with others. You can follow my Instagram where I post general car tips and information. @beservicesmart

My goal is to takeover the automotive service industry by making auto care simple, hassle free, and affordable while creating a standardized platform for technicians to be successful and have a long term future to make an honest living with support and integrity. 

When I'm not at Professional Auto Care I enjoy spending time outside on the farm with my two dogs, Han Solo and Diane. I love yoga, Disney World, am a brown belt (L2) taekwondo martial artist, consider myself a big foodie and a massive Star Wars fan. 

Comment on any of my posts to start a conversation! If you have a topic or have particular car questions, you can complete my contact form to the right! Or even if you just want to talk about dogs, yoga, food or Star Wars! 

May the force be with you, always, 



This blog has my personal opinions and not the opinions of Professional Auto Care or my father, Everardo Serratos or any other Serratos family member. You can learn more about me and my shop here

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