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1 in 5 Vehicles has an OPEN Recall

Recall repairs are FREE.

You can check if you have a recall here: safercar.gov

Take your car to your dealership to have your vehicle's recall fixed. You don't need to spend $0.01 to have this performed nor do you need to buy anything else whilst there.

Be a responsible vehicle owner. Protect yourself and others. Get the recall done.

Now that we have the super important points out of the way... CarFax recently reported that one in five vehicles on the road today has an open recall pending to be repaired. A recall is a repair process that has been deemed to be necessary by the federal agency NHSTA* as the current situation could possibly pose as a safety threat to the driver and their occupants. These repairs are to be done free of charge to the consumer.

One of the ways I think we could combat the overwhelming numbers of pending recalls is to have used car dealerships run the vehicle's identification number. If they find an open recall, then they should not be allowed to transfer the vehicle to the buyer until the recall has been completed. It may surprise people to discover, but even those big flagship dealers are not required to check for open recalls of vehicles they sell in which they are not the manufacturer. For example, the Honda dealer may be selling a used Toyota, but they are not required by law to see if that Toyota on their lot has an open recall.

Many dealership technicians do not like performing recall work as they are normally not compensated fairly for the man hours spent performing the recall. However, it's pretty much guaranteed work. And right now any type of work is better than no work. (We'll save the unfair payment of technicians for warranty work for another day.)

Unfortunately, dealerships have been hit hard due to COVID-19 with one of them in my area only having sold EIGHT vehicles in all of April. Check to see if you have an open recall and take it in for service. You can get the safety issue resolved while also giving a technician some work. It is not even a big inconvenience given that most people are not heavily relying on their vehicles right now. And remember, you don't need to buy ANYTHING ELSE while you're there. The recall repair is completely free with no purchase of anything necessary.

*NHTSA = National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

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