• Karolena Serratos

To New Beginnings

Finally, after being told by many to start a blog, here is my voice to help consumers find the right information for caring for their vehicle. The automotive industry has been plagued with a bad reputation for years. In addition, sometimes finding reliable auto care advice and car maintenance tips can be a pain as there are contradicting views all over the web. However, prep yourself to have the accurate information to make appropriate buying decisions for automotive maintenance and car repair services now.

Some background information

I have grown up in the automotive service industry in Houston, TX. One could even say auto repair and car maintenance is in my blood, given my family name. (My family owns and operates the award winning auto repair and car maintenance shop Professional Auto Care. My parents, Everardo and Claudia Serratos were the founds of the auto care facility over 30 some odd years ago).

My credentials include the following: ASE Certified, AAA Texas and New Mexico Advisory Team Committee Member, Automotive Service Association Houston Chapter President (two terms), and periodic guest of In Wheel Time radio showing Yahoo Sports 760 AM.

However, the opinions expressed here on this blog are mine alone and do not reflect the beliefs of Professional Auto Care, other members of the Serratos family, or any other business associations.

Purpose Statement

My education and personality type forces me to declare my automotive consumer caring goals I hope to achieve up front.

Each day I wake up excited about going to work at Professional Auto Care, in Houston, TX. Why? –Because each day I get to help people and be surrounded by cars—all day, everyday. I know performing my job efficiently means sharing what I am passionate about with others in such a way it makes a difference for their families, the environment and their pocketbook. (Heck of an awesome job if I may say so myself).

So why am I starting an automotive care and repair blog then? Over the years friends, family and random people I have encountered ask me for my opinions about certain car repair services, car maintenance tips, and even to give a quick look over their car before a road trip. And in most cases they ask me because they are too shy to ask their mechanic their questions! I compare it to not asking your doctor what high blood pressure means when he says you have it because you are too afraid of the criticism of not knowing.

The horror stories I have heard from others are truly terrifying. No one deserves to be disrespected or taken advantage of when trusting an asset to a certified professional. And if one person avoids a catastrophic auto repair experience based upon my advice then my efforts are a success. Feel free to email me your questions or post comments. Here is a safe haven to ask all the questions your heart desires without feeling disrespected or made a fool.

Articles soon to come but in the mean time Happy Motoring!

Special thanks to Jeff Noel, your book, Mid Life Celebration, is an inspiration.


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