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Two Steps One Sticker

Two Steps One Sticker

Texas is moving to having only one sticker on the windshield come next week, March 1st. This will mean not being able to renew your vehicle registration without a valid vehicle state inspection.

Inspectors have been practicing with the new system for more than a month now and the wait time for the state inspection will remain about the same due to more information needing to be inputted into the computer by the Texas licensed vehicle state inspector.

The highlights of what the consumer needs to know;

  • The same previous rules for passing the vehicle inspection process remain the same both on the safety and emissions portions. To see a list of safety items inspected during the Texas annual inspection test, click here.

  • You will still need to present a valid insurance card to the inspector when you go to the service station with your vehicle’s identification number clearly printed on it.

  • You will not receive an actual sticker on your windshield any longer so no need to worry when you drive away and you do not see a Texas state inspection sticker.

  • You can renew your Texas registration if you have a valid current inspection.

  • If you inspection expires the same month as your vehicle registration, your vehicle will have to pass the Texas state inspection before you can apply for your Texas registration renewal.

  • If you have lost your vehicle inspection report or (VIR) you may access to reprint here.

The price at the inspection facility will be lower, however, the difference will be picked up when you renew your registration. For example, if your vehicle is newer than 1996 in Fort Bend and Harris county your vehicle will be required to pass the safety portion and the emissions portion—fee being $25.50 instead of $39.75. The $14.25 will be collect when you renew your registration.

I am curious to know if anyone will notice an increase in his or her registration fee besides this difference. Now as part of the state inspection we (licensed Texas vehicle state inspectors) are required to record the vehicle gross vehicle weight. Not once, but twice is the inspector asked about the gross vehicle weight. Back in 2011 when I purchased my vehicle I went to title my truck and the clerk told me the weight seemed high. I explained I took it off the vehicle and she explained that the form required the empty weight. She further explained it correlated directly with the fee I will pay for registration.

I did not change the weight as I felt and still feel if these taxes are meant to help maintain our roadways and maintain other infrastructure—therefore, why would we not go off the gross vehicle weight versus the vehicle empty weight? …Maybe Harris County could actually repair some of its roads.

If anyone has noticed a difference please let me know. I am still curious. :)

For more information, please visit the official twostepsonesticker.com website.

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