• Karolena Serratos

Sloshing Sound when Stopping

In the summer time it is pretty common for us to receive phone calls at the shop about a sloshing noise coming from behind the firewall area especially when coming to a stop or turning. But what exactly is that water sloshing sound behind the dashboard area?

Well, it can be usually traced to a plugged air conditioning system. Normally, when parked and having your air conditioning running, you will see a small puddle beneath your vehicle. This is because water will condense on the evaporator core which then gets drained out through a hose.

If the drain tube becomes plugged or clogged, the wter backs up in the evaporator core, which then causes the noise of sloshing water when you stop or turn.

Below is from a 2008 Mazda that had this problem. Unfortunatley, in this case the water had become so backed up it began to enter the passenger side compartment. This then resulted of the jute padding to become molded. The shop had to remove the carpet, steam clean it, remove the old jute, install new jute (with the correct measurements) and reinstall the carpet.

If you hear water motion coming from behind your dash, do not delay having it checked out by a professional as you could end up with costly repairs when postponing it--not to mention jeopardizing your health and that of your passengers. If you smell a sweet smell in addition to the noise or notice a green liquid, you could be experiencing a cooling system issue and you need to have it immediately inspected by a certified professional.

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