• Karolena Serratos

Visit Your Auto Doctor

We all know we need to go in to the doctor for a yearly physical and then in addition to that we need a yearly trip to the dentist, optometrist, gender specific doctors, blood work, and the list seems to go on, but how often do you have your car checked out?

Your vehicle has multiple systems and luckily a general mechanic has a good handle on all them. Sometimes specialists are required for hybrid vehicles, select exotic cars, specific engine, transmission, and rear end problems—but for the most part a general mechanic can take care of your issues.

I recommend to have your vehicle checked every six months for two reasons; first, to catch items before they become a major issue and second, so your preferred mechanic can develop a relationship with your vehicle.

The first reason for the proven fact, little problems can become major problems. Take for example brake work. A brake pad job could run you around $150 to $200 depending on pad type. Where as a brake job including brake rotors can easily land you near the $400 range. By regularly visiting the mechanic, you could potentially avoid needing to change your discs since you will have caught the need for the pads quicker before they cause damage to the brake rotor.

For the second reason to be validated you must ensure your vehicle is seeing the same technicians each time. If the same person sees your vehicle for the small things (such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc) and big things (larger maintenance items and repairs) they will have become accustomed to your vehicle and your driving habits. This can be ideal as perhaps you may have become used to that little noise but they will notice it and give it more attention versus someone who does not see the vehicle with some regularity.

We consciously visit the same practitioners work on our bodies for this specific reason. They will look at your blood work and notice if something is not quite right or if you are walking with a slight limp or holding too much tension on side of your body. We even do the same when people come to our homes to work on a home improvement project. It’s about trust. Finding an auto repair shop you can trust is part of it, but ensuring they see the vehicle regularly is also key.

In our convenience driven society make time that fits your schedule to have your vehicle checked by a certified professional. A break down is never convenient, do your due diligence and get your vehicle checked out every 6 months to avoid the headaches of not just breakdowns but costly repair bills.

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