• Karolena Serratos

The Recalls Keep Coming

About every week, another big automotive firm has been forced by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to issue another big safety recall. The most recent buzz is pertaining to Volkswagen diesels cheating emission standards from far back as 2009. Yet another auto maker has showed us it is all about the money and in this case to the point they need to cheat to gain market share and negatively impact the environment.

But how exactly does this recall business work? The National High Traffic and Safety Administration is part of the US Department of Transportation. NHTSA is dedicated to keeping drivers safe on the roads by issuing formal investigations to which the manufactures will issue the recall based upon the investigation findings. The consumer will be notified via certified mail of such a recall and be given the opportunity to fix the problem free of charge.

I cannot stress enough about how important it is for consumers to take initiative and periodically check their 17 digit vehicle identification number, located on the driver side door frame and on your insurance card, for safety recalls. You can check for safety recalls at safercar.gov, download the NHTSA mobile app or by calling 1-888-327-4236

We always think, ‘Oh that won’t happen to me’. I was shocked when I checked my sister’s VIN and found her vehicle had been issued a recall in regards to the GM ignition recall. However, she had never received a letter of notification. Luckily the dealer was able to get us in right away and had all the available items needed on hand.

If you are every in this situation here are some important tips to recall;

  • Schedule an appointment ahead of time. Call your local dealer to schedule an appointment and be sure to ask if they have the needed items in stock. Not scheduling an appointment in advance or not asking if parts are readily available could potentially leave you with out a vehicle for much longer than required.

  • Ask if there are any steps you can take while you wait for your appointment date.

  • Periodically check your VIN to any further recalls. You vehicle may have more recalls in the future so periodically checking is imperative.

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