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Winter is Coming...

September 23rd will mark the first day of autumn. Despite not having an as clear distinction between the seasons down in the South, we still need to remember to look over certain items on our vehicles. Here is a list of the 5 essential items to check on your vehicle and the best part is you can do these items on your own driveway. Are you ready for the changing season?

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Tip # 1: Check your wiper blades. “Wipers should be replaced annually every fall”, says Tony Mollas, spokesman for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Clean your windshield and see how they perform. It is recommended to change them once per year.

Tip # 2: Check your spare tire. Tire pressure drops one PSI, or point per square inch for every 10-degree drop in temperature according to the AAA. The proper tire inflation pressure will generally be listed in your vehicle’s owner manual and/or noted on a sticker located on the driver’s doorjamb.

Tip # 3: Check fluid levels and top off if necessary. Many vehicles take specific fluids and it is extremely important to add the correct fluid. The correct fluids will be printed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or on the select cap.

Tip # 4: Check the engine air filter. When an air filter reaches the point where it causes enough of a pressure drop to restrict airflow, the car’s fuel economy, performance, and emissions begin to deteriorate, getting progressively worse until the dirty filter is replaced.

Tip # 5: Check battery terminals and lights. A dead battery is the most common call made to AAA roadside assistance. Check your terminals for any corrosion build up or loose terminals. The nights are longer during the winter—be sure all your lights are working properly.

If you rather have a certified professional inspect these items on your family’s vehicles just let the auto shop of your choice know you are going to stop by and most cases they will check these items for free.

Happy and safe Motoring!

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