• Karolena Serratos

Summerizing Your Vehicle

There are seasonal maintenance items for you car like there is for your home and garden, etc. There a few things you can check on yourself or take it to a certified technician to ensure you’re ready for the summer heat.

  • Air Conditioning

  • Run your air conditioning make sure all the blower settings are working correctly

  • Air is coming out through all the vents

  • The temperature settings are responsive when you change them

  • Pay attention to any strange noises or odors

  • Things you can do…

  • Check out the condenser in the front of your vehicle (it looks similar to a radiator) and make sure it is clear of debris (bugs, birds, etc)

  • Cooling System. The cooling system is critical to your summer driving and its main job is to keep the engine cool. You can learn about the cooling system, here.

  • Make it a habit to periodically check your instrument panel, not just to monitor overheating, but to be more aware if your vehicle is trying to tell you an important piece of information.

  • Things you can do…

  • Check the reservoir level to see if it is low and if the coolant looks discolored or cloudy.

  • Top off if it is low and purchase a pre-diluted mixture that is specific for your vehicle’s requirements

  • Battery. Car batteries are the #1 reason for road side assistance calls

  • Things you can do ….

  • Check your battery terminals for corrosion

  • Have you battery tested

  • Tires

  • Critical to have properly inflated tires. Proper inflation assures the best possible contact between the tires and the road.

  • An improperly inflated tire can overheat and potentially lead to a blow out on the highway

  • You can find on the driver side door jamb

  • See if you can determine how old your tires are by looking for the DOT stamp along the side wall

  • Brake Check + Brake Fluid Check

  • In addition to extreme heat, summer also brings thunderstorms. You want to make sure you have responsive braking system.

  • Things you can do…

  • Take the vehicle to have all the tires pulled off for the brakes to be visually inspected and measured.

  • Check your brake fluid reservoir – if it looks low, you should take it to an auto service center for a brake inspection. The brake fluid will drop to match the wear of the pads. A technician will be able to inspect the system for leaks and check your brakes. You can learn more about your brake system, here.

  • Wipers

  • Visibility is very important. The heat can tend to dry out the rubber and you don’t want to find out your wipers are in poor shape in the middle of storm.

  • Things you can do…

  • Check the wiper fluid reservoir and top off if necessary

  • Check your wiper blades –when you don’t need them. Check to see if they’re doing a good job

  • Towing

  • Many people tow boats, campers, or trailers for their summer road trips. Good idea to not only have the car inspected but also your trailer

  • Things you can do…

  • Look over the brakes on your car and trailer

  • Check all your lights

  • Go over the hitch and ensure it is secure and all your safety requirements are present (like safety chains etc)

  • Detail

  • Give your car a good detail before it gets too hot outside. Be sure to apply a protectant to the paint!

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