• Karolena Serratos

Starlink Entertainment Anywhere Kit

The Starlink Entertainment Anywhere Kit is an extra package where Subaru provides two 9.7 inch iPad 32 GB Wifi models, two Harman Kardon Bluetooth headphones, ad two Otterbox Defender Series iPad cases. How much? $970.00

I assume it will be wrapped into the vehicle price subject to 6.25% tax (Texas) -- $60.63 tax, $970.00 + $60.63 = $1,030.63 Oh, and let's also wrap up with the financing....

I was curious so in less than 5.7 minutes I looked up all these items online (without searching for special promotions or coupons, etc) and here are my results:

iPads = $712.29 ($356.14 from Apple) -- including tax and shipping

Headphones = $199.90 ($99.95 from Harman Audio)-- including tax and shipping

Otterboxes = $99.56 ($49.78 from Amazon)-- including tax and shipping with Amazon Prime

Total: $1011.75 which comes to an $18.88 savings

Besides the obvious issue of having the decision of which devices being made for me, include in the offer with the financing, there are no savings being passed along! I do not really see the value with this offer.

The most memorable road trips all include looking out the window, not at TV sets/screens. I do not have children, but my parents made it raising us without technology in the car. Now, we have plenty of stories and strong sibling bonds. I do not think technology would have properly nurtured those characteristics. Oh, hey do you remember when we watched _____ movie in the car? Remember when we saw all those kangaroo rats running across the road in Arizona.

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