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Cadillac Super Cruise

General motors new Super Cruise feature will become standard on all Cadillac models beginning in 2020. The Super Cruise will allow drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel.

Interestingly enough the vehicle will monitor the 'driver's attention'... and will warn the driver when it is time to control the vehicle. The notification delivery range will be between 4 to 20 seconds, depending for how long the camera catches the driver's line of sight away from the road and their speed. --So what if you can sleep with your eyes open or if you're wearing dark sunglasses?

How does it work? Once you enter a road (or rather a dividend highway mapped with lidar) and have centered yourself in the eligible lane you will see an icon appear on your instrument cluster. Press the the corresponding button and the Super Cruise is engaged. You can enjoy this on 160,000 miles of highway within the United States and Canada. GM system allows the vehicle to be aware for 1.5 miles ahead --including curves and exit only lanes.

Cadillac Super Cruise Karolena Serratos Auto Repair Owner Blog

Though I am yet to try this out for myself, from the reviews and articles I gather it is a good first step and the best version of autonomy as of yet.

I am skeptical of this system and wonder do we really need to look away for 4 to 20 seconds at a time? Are things on our phone that important to see right then and there? Do we really want to disengage by not taking in the landscape or play corny road trip games with family? Will this make us more productive--but productive for what purpose?

There are other vehicle systems needing attention, one ones which could save lives such as traction control. ABS, etc. What improvements can we make to prevent accidents or vehicle responses when an accident is occurring?

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