• Karolena Serratos

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are upon us and we are officially 1 week into these commitments. 1 week down and 51 more left to go!

Whatever goals you have chosen this year, I would like to take a moment to remind you about your vehicle! And to challenge you: instead of the usual I will not neglect my car this year or the I won't be 2,000 miles past my oil change, pick something more challenging and rewarding. To phrase a resolution like "I will not neglect my car this year" passively attracts the neglect and expensive repairs your vehicle and you were trying to avoid in the first place. And of course, not going over your oil change is good, but think about the benefits your vehicle and you could be enjoying by choosing something positive and active from the get-go.

Karolena's Ideas:

1. I will learn something new about my vehicle once a month. Every month, open your owner's manual and read something about your car. My sister and I did a 2,200 mile road trip over Christmas and at one point we got out the owner's manual. An hour passed and we were still reading it! There's actually some pretty interesting information in there -- definitely worth making a habit of checking it out every so often.

2. I will set aside time to look over my PAC Reports. Every client can receive a report if you choose the appropriate box during check in: either the PAC Courtesy Check Out℠ or the Service Smart℠ Report. Either way, take the time to look over the reports and feel free to ask questions! We love answering them! I had one client who read through her report and shared with me how much she appreciated the information about her accessory belt system!

3. I will clean my car once a month -- inside and out. Whether you want to do it yourself or take it to the car wash, your car is going to love you for taking the time. Check under the seats, get the leaves from the cowl panel (the part between the bottom of the windshield and hood), and wipe down the dash.

4. Of course, I must mention our Service Smart℠ program. Periodic check outs are key to long term vehicle ownership. Minimize repair expenses by catching problems before they become major issues. Service Smart℠ allows you to keep track of upcoming maintenance so there's no chance of falling behind. Even if you are not ready to address all the concerns, you will have an expert opinion on how exactly to space everything out or if it's time to park something new in that parking space. Knowledge isn't power; knowledge is empowering.

Wishing everyone a healthy, productive, fulfilling New Year. May you carry joy and compassion everywhere you go.

Karolena Serratos

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