• Karolena Serratos

Service Smart℠ Really Works

The Service Smart℠ program really works! Through Service Smart℠, we are able to keep our clients' vehicles running in tip top shape and help them save money at the same time.

Yesterday, we had a client come into the Shop who enrolled the vehicle in Service Smart℠ after it had been parked for a year. We were able to identify everything that needed to be done to ensure long-term reliable transportation. And since she used her Service Smart discounts when purchasing services, she was able to save enough money to cover the cost of the membership AND an extra $41.47! And what is even better: we had a voicemail message waiting for us the next morning saying how her vehicle drove like a new car!

We aren't in body work so the work we do isn't always super noticeable. That makes phone calls like hers extra rewarding for us because they noticed the difference in their car and shared that with us!

I know for a fact that the difference she felt is the Service Smart℠ difference. We have found away to identify and prioritize vehicle needs. Though it cannot plan for everything, Service Smart really is the future of maintenance as we move into a more disposable world where finding value becomes more difficult.

Service Smart Program - Professional Auto Care - Houston

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