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Allergies are coming back!

I read a recent article about proactive things to do if you suffer from allergies and I was shocked nothing was mentioned about people's cars! According to AAA, the average American spends 17,600 minutes per year in their vehicles.

Things you can do for your CAR for seasonal allergy protection :

  • Replace your cabin air filter minimum once per year. Replace twice if you have year around allergies or we had a particularly bad season. This filter functions similar to the one in your home. Learn more.

  • Perform a climate control service to disinfect your vehicle's air conditioning system by thoroughly cleaning the evaporator core. Learn more.

  • Use the recirculate function! Many folks don't know, but you can choose to recirculate the air inside the car or keep it on fresh air, pulling outside air into the vehicle.

  • Don't forget about your vehicle's exterior. Apply a paint protectant or wax treatment to help deal with the pollen build up and to help avoid long term damage. Learn more.

  • Detailing. Consider having your carpet shampooed. Giving yourself the fresh start of shampooing the carpet by getting everything deep within the carpet helps you maintain the interior with periodic vacuuming. Learn more.

  • Detailing. Once a week wipe down of the dash. Plenty of options out there, make sure you choose one that is safe for your vehicle's interior to prevent discoloring and do not apply/wipe in direct sunlight.

  • For more information about my shop's services, you can visit, www.ProfessionalAutoCare.com

Owning a vehicle is so important to our culture yet not enough is done to inform the public on how to properly maintain their vehicles and make sure their vehicle is providing them with the best, most reliable transportation available. During the month of March 2019 I am offering exclusive discounts through the online store. They will be announced via Facebook, but here is the full details before anyone else gets them:

  • Climate control will be 15% off online. Instead of $142.42 for the climate control service. You will be able to add a climate control service to your account for $121.06.

  • Add a $10.00 savings for your next cabin air filter replacement to your account.

  • Carpet shampoo for $175.00*. Regular price of $250.00. Some vehicle's such as vans may run a little more.

Make sure to keep tissue handy!

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*Yes, I know. And yes, Service Smart℠ clients will still have their promotional price available for May--just in time for Mother's Day for $150.00. That will be brought back and this is not taking its place.

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