• Karolena Serratos

Toyota Warrantied Failed Shock Discovered during Service Smart℠ Check Out!

A client of ours was able to have the driver side rear of her 2016 Toyota Highlander with 25,000 miles covered under the manufacture warranty. During a routine Service Smart℠ Check Out, we discovered a leaking shock absorber. With the client we called Toyota and they said it would be covered under warranty. Although Toyota will only cover the damaged shock and does not replace them in pairs, this was excellent for our client.

Service Smart℠ caught a problem and provided with the necessary evidence to go back to Toyota for warranty coverage. Some people say 'well I have a new car and do not need to spend $149 to sign up and have someone fully look over the vehicle each visit--the car is new!'. Here is a perfect example, even on a new car--Service Smart℠ more than pays for itself.

To learn more about Service Smart℠, click here! A car is a liability. Be in control of your money, have a plan. Service Smart℠ is being money smart.

Leaking Shock Absorber Discovered During Service Smart℠

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