• Karolena Serratos

Future of Automotive

My vision is for automotive repairs to be manageable. For people to be able to walk in and tell a certified professional what maintenance they need to have performed. In turn this would lower the cost of services. By going in already knowing exactly what you need, you can schedule it advance, necessary equipment can be already separated while fluids and filters can be pre-ordered. This would lead to the long-term effect of less expensive maintenance, a happy car and a happy client with no break downs.

Today we had a client whose radiator is on the verge of giving out. They have over 200,000 miles on their van and we have seen it since the van was practically new. Their secret for having this component last so long: periodic maintenance. That's it. By keeping the van on a set schedule of regular flushes directly lead to the longevity. The hairline crack was caught during a routine Service Smart visit. The Mrs. didn't get stranded on the side of the road in weather that feels like 104F with 100% humidity. It was caught prior to being a major problem. Prior to overheating. Prior to possible engine damage. Prior to major dinero.

The couple is contemplating replacing the vehicle, but in my opinion the Japanese van has at least another 100,000 miles in her. The transmission has always been funky on this gal and still she's made it to 200,000 miles. (In my personal opinion, the Japanese auto makers couldn't get the transmissions right in their vans during the early 2000 for whatever reason.)

My goal is to bring accountability to the industry, but it's going to need to go both ways. The manufactures have been getting rich too long by shifting the blame to the shops and consumers for their lack of proper disclosure for maintenance requirements. Shops and consumers are going to need to work together and I have created Service Smart℠ to bridge the gap.

The average new car runs $40,000 according to KBB as of May 2019 while the average used car runs about $20,000. I can think of plenty other ways I'd rather spend my money.

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