• Karolena Serratos

Never Under Estimate the Power of Water

Watching the news reminds me of images from two years ago when Harvey slammed into and stayed right on top of Houston. Water is serious. It doesn't mess around. When you see high water, turn around don't drown.

We have made sure we've been available to help anyone who has automotive questions via Facebook and a couple of us stayed later at the shop because we knew we couldn't make it to our homes. At least I felt useful answering the phone (and grateful).

A couple notes from the recent calls:

  1. If you can't see the curb, don't go through. Find high ground and find somewhere safe to wait (which isn't always inside your car). It only takes 1 foot of flowing water to carry off a small car...not even half way up the calf muscle...

  2. If your car stalled while going through water- do not attempt to restart it There are a number of reasons why a car could have stopped and in some cases you could potentially make it worse by attempting to start it.

  3. If you have insurance - call them. Secret: Everyone's insurance is going to go up to cover the massive losses the companies are going to be paying out. You don't need to necessarily have "full cover" to have flood coverage. Most fire and theft comprehensive insurance also covers flood. Check your insurance agreement. (...That big packet they send you each time you renew or call your agent or check online.)

It doesn't take a whole lot of water to cause some serious damage to your vehicle. A couple of inches could mean thousands of dollars. If you have insurance turn it in, you don't want to deal with a problem later.

Water Line Visible Houston Flooding 2019 - Auto Repair

^You can clearly see the water line

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