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37°F This Morning...

Weather in Houston can be unpredictable and rapidly changing. This past Monday arriving in a sleeveless shirt and shorts to being fully bundled up today.

Here are some basic things to check to make sure your vehicle is ready!

1. Car Battery - If you have noticed your car struggle to start already, don't waste time and get it checked out. You don't want to be left stranded somewhere because of the battery. According to AAA, batteries are the number 1 reason for roadside assistance calls.

2. Tires - Your life rides on them every day. If you're getting close to needing to new tires, go ahead and replace them. An accident is not worth the risk. And even it isn't your fault, or your insurance would cover all but your deductible-time, energy and money will have been wasted. Many tire manufactures are recommending for tires to be out of service 4/32nds.

Service interval: Every six years (regardless of tread) or 4/32nds in tread depth.

3. Coolant - This is your engine's superpower. The engine coolant protects the engine from freezing and cracking and contains many anti-corrosive additives and water pump lubricants to keep your entire cooling system in tip-top shape. Visit your local auto care center and have your coolant tested. Service interval: Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles or everything 2 to 4 years or as needed per inspection results.

4. Wiper blades - If your wiper blades are streaking or smearing, it's time to change them out.

Service interval: Allstate recommends to replace your wiper blades at least once per year.

5. Hood shocks - If your hood shocks/struts are not able to maintain the hood open, you want to have them replaced. When the hood is open it is a clear sign of a distressed vehicle. The professional coming out to offer you assistance is not going to want the hood slamming onto their head. Or if someone is walking you through steps over the phone, it's going to difficult to do what they're asking while holding the hood up.

6. Hat, gloves, and blanket - in the event of an emergency it is very important to keep yourself warm while you wait for help to arrive. Even if you always dress appropriately for the weather, remember your passengers may not.

7. Notepad and pen - You never know if you need to write down additional information. If your pen isn't writing, you can warming it up between your hands. (It works!)

Other tips for colder weather:

1. Lube weather stripping

2. Lube door locks

3. Lube latches and hinges

4. Foldable shovel

Other things to always keep in the car:

1. First Aid Kit

2. Flashlight

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