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5 Tips for Wearing a Face Mask in the Summer Heat

Houston weather is brutal and it's hard being outside wearing a mask, came across some tips hope you find these helpful!

An article from Travel & Leisure where Dr Purvi Parikh, an allergy and immunology specialist based in New York shared some tips for wearing a face mask in the summer heat.

5 tips for wearing a face mask in the summer heat:

  1. Choose a Cool, Breathable Material

  2. Prevent Skin Irritation by choosing the best fabric for your skin and fit for your face

  3. Bring Multiple Masks (I personally do this at work)

  4. Prevent Overheating by staying hydrated! (I probably drink 60 oz of water during work alone, but it's probably not enough...)

  5. Limit Your Need to Wear a Mask - "if not essential to be out on a hot, humid day don't go out." (This one I find impossible with my job description, but there came a moment last week where I just needed to sit down. Between the mask, the coat, the hat, the heat, the humidity. Know when to take a break.)

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Remember you should be washing your hands before and after replacing your mask!

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