• Karolena

A Higher Purpose

At Professional Auto Care we strive each day to create an exceptional client experience. Not only through customer service, but through education.

I truly believe by sharing my knowledge of how to care for a car versus just how to fix a car will help our clients in other aspects of life not directly related to vehicles. Auto mechanics is something I am passionate about and happen to know a lot about. I feel it is my duty to give back by sharing my gift with others.

In school we are not taught how to sustain things. Houses, cars, and other liabilities are huge responsibilities schooling does not prepare us for.

If we are more aware of how to care for the things we currently own and make purposeful purchases, we can in turn help the environment. The better maintained a vehicle is, the less emissions it releases, the less likely the need to go into debt to replace a (in my cases an unexpectedly) broken vehicle.

People can then spend money and time on other things for lasting memories with family and friends and come up with new innovations to improve what we already have than continue down the path of the "buy-destroy-throw away-buy again" culture.

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