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A Lesson from Jeff Bezos

I recently read an article about Jeff Bezos. The article focused on when he was approached to include only positive reviews for books he sold online. His response was more or less: we don’t sell to people, we help them buy. He was saying that including all the information (good and bad reviews) is what helps people make informed decisions.

This is exactly how I view Service Smart and my position at Professional Auto Care. I am not a salesperson. I can do sales. Heck, when I was 16, I was selling garage shelving at trade shows. I have no problem walking up to someone with a sales pitch. The risk of rejection just makes the opportunity more exciting. But at PAC, I am not a salesperson.

It is my job to help organize information in such a way so it's easy for my clients to understand what their car needs and then make an educated decision that suits their personal needs.

I help people understand how to take care of a liability. A car is not an asset, really. When I show people how to standardize their approach to car care and car care decisions, I am teaching them to have expectations and goals for their cars. So it is my job to help advise people on how best to reach their car goals.

Unfortunately, at school, they no longer teach us how to care for things. Not our physical health, not our mental state, not our “assets” (that are really liabilities), not our relationships. Each of these aspects of our lives is connected. Just one good habit of caring for our physical health can easily translate into caring for our mental state. I believe that when I teach people how to sustain their car, I am really teaching them habits in sustainability that can potentially bleed over and be useful in other aspects of life.

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