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Always Get a Used Car Inspected

This week we had a client come in for air conditioning work. Opening the hood, we already saw significant problems. The engine cooling system radiator and the air conditioning condenser at the front of the vehicle were touching one another.

I asked him what happened, and he explained he never had an accident in the vehicle and recently purchased the car about 6-9 months ago.

I couldn't believe it. I asked the client if he got it checked out, and he said, "No, It looked great," motioning to the body and interior.


Despite the air conditioning condenser and radiator being smushed together, the client said the vehicle never overheated on him, and the air conditioning was working up until recently. When we hooked up the car to the air conditioning machine, that's when we realized the air conditioning compressor was locked up.

So this client had an air conditioning compressor that was locked up, meaning we would need to replace the expansion valve, drier (which is part of the condenser), and perform a full system flush on top of replacing the damaged radiator.

As many of our clients can attest to, we always do post-repair testing in addition to our quality control checklist whenever we've done any diagnostic work. We noticed a wheel bearing hum during our road test, and we already began to see dye in the evaporator core drainage. This client now needs a wheel bearing and an evaporator core.

The client opted for the safety repair of the wheel bearing and will come back for the evaporator core later. The vehicle already underwent just shy of $3,000.00 worth of repairs this visit. We are fortunate we did not run into additional problems when reassembling the car, or the expenses could have been even more.

Take a look at these old parts.

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