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And there was slime in the... evaporator core?

Over the long weekend I noticed a very strong odor coming from my air conditioning vents. My first thought was hearing Marvin Zindler saying there was slime in the ice machine! It smelled musty, as if my Inferno Hot Pilates gym clothes were left in the car for a week. (They weren't).

Experience and training has taught me it is the air conditioning causing the smell. More specifically the evaporator core.

When we use our air conditioning in our vehicle and then we immediately turn off our car, we invite mold, bacteria, along with other nasty things, to grow. Living in Houston, a high humidity area, doesn't help either. The air conditioning evaporator core creates a cool, damp, dark environment where the mold, fungi, and bacteria thrive.

That pool of water you may notice coming from under the passenger side is normally excess moisture/water coming out from the drain tube located at the evaporator. Sometimes though it gets clogged or not all the moisture releases. Leading to things growing... Next time you turn on your air conditioning you get a fresh whiff of this... *how lovely*

The air conditioning evaporator core is concealed between the dashboard and the firewall, so this not something someone without training and specialty tools can access and clean themselves. So how to remedy this? With a climate control service. By introducing a cleaning foam to the air conditioning it loosens and removes contaminants from the exterior surfaces. The foam dissipates into a liquid and then comes out the drain tube previously mentioned.

The air conditioning evaporator core was to blame. And here is the proof:

The disgusting looking cup is what came out of the drain first and then by the end is the clear cup on the left.

Recommended to be done once a year especially for those with pets, children and allergies. I always recommend to pair with cabin air filter replacement.

Han Solo rides with me everyday! :D

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