• Karolena

April is Car Care Awareness Month!

Happy Spring Car Care Awareness Month!

We may not have significant weather changes here in Houston, Texas, but when the seasons change, it's good to look over your vehicle and be sure you're ready for the weather ahead.

Here are my tips on what to have looked over this month;

  1. Check your tires! Hurricane season begins June 1st.

  2. Check your coolant level. Yesterday it felt like 94 F. The Houston heat is coming; make sure your engine is ready for it.

  3. Check your air conditioning. Play around with your air conditioning. Does it feel cold at all settings, and does the blower work on all settings? If you already notice something is not right, get it looked at before you experience serious issues.

If it's been a while since you've washed your car or gotten a car wash, do it. Jumping into a clean car feels great.

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