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Ask for the EPA Number!

A client forwarded me a treatment being offered at large establishment of a complete vehicle disinfecting using a product called BioPledge. I was very intrigued. We have been using the BG Frigi Fresh as our go to product at the shop and at home. It's expensive but I trust the BG Product brand.

Before I ever think about recommending products or services to my clients I always try them out for myself. I know people value my professional opinion and those who know me, know that I always tell it like it is.

So, I started to do research on the company. The only thing I could find was very standard filler text on very prominent big box establishments' websites. I then searched for the company's website but it is not working... I then searched images to see if I could see a bottle with the actual EPA number - no luck. The one image I found only shows a partial EPA number.

After this wild goose chase of searching for information and not finding anything sufficient, I knew I could not consider this product for our shop. I may be wrong and there could be a logical explantation for not being able to find the EPA number or any information about the company, though that seems unlikely.

So why am I so bent out of shape over this EPA number? Well the Environmental Protection Agency is charged with testing products and making sure they do what they say they do...

I found an excellent article from Nails Magazine (very impressed with their research!). I will link the full article at the end of this post if you'd like to continue down this particular rabbit hole. In the article, they interviewed Wallace Powell, a product reviewer for the EPA Antimicrobial Program. Here is an excerpt of Powell discussing the EPA registration standard:

“If it’s a so-called human health related product, then the EPA supports those claims of fungicidal, virucidal, etc.,” says Powell. Product effectiveness also is implied by EPA registration. “If it doesn’t work well then it poses a hazard to people because they are depending on it to work in a health-related sense,” continues Powell.

I will continue to use and recommend BG Products. It is a company founded by veterans and their products are proudly made here in the USA. They put their product's EPA # right on the front of the bottle...

To quote BG Products:

It is a US EPA registered (44446-20) and approved Bactericide/Fungicide/Viricide (a viricide is a physical or chemical agent that deactivates or destroys viruses). It will deactivate or destroy harmful molds and viruses. It will eliminate on contact pathogens in car, home, hospital and public settings. It contains pleasant deodorizers which keep areas smelling fresh and clean.

I've enclosed the release I received from BG Products that prompted me to add this product to my check in process.

BG Frigi Fresh
Download PDF • 200KB

I encourage everyone: do your own research and trust your gut. If something doesn't feel or look right, take a step back and analyze the situation or the product more before making a decision.

Nail Magazine: full story here.

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