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$1,156.21 - Warranty Coverage!

We have a vehicle in the shop right now that needs some serious cooling system repairs. The van is creeping up towards the 130,000 mile mark and the client mostly drives in the city. She has performed two cooling system fluid services with the BG Products and per the BG Protection Plan they are covering $1,156.21 worth of repairs! While I was talking with my client, we both agreed how it's almost too good to be true and we were trying to figure out what the "catch" was with a program like this... I mean why doesn't everyone flush out their fluids to get the warranty coverage?

The Catch: You only have coverage if you don't go over the 30,000 mile interval. Like many warranty plans if you don't do the proper maintenance or on time the protection is void. We realized since Service Smart keeps track of history and helps clients predict future expenses-she never went over the warranty mileage! Her Quest has been in the Service Smart program for almost five years now. We were able to plan the maintenance services to keep her BG Protection Plan Active.

My belief why people don't take advantage of programs like this is mainly because they don't have active car care goals. If you already know you're keeping your car two more years, you may want ensure your warranties are active or if a newer vehicle, have the car checked thoroughly prior to manufacturer warranty expiring so you can claim anything needed.

SW Houston Auto Repair - ASE Certified Technician
ASE Technician working on Nissan Quest

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