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$1,217.18 Part

I have always liked using BG Products on my cars. I can tell the difference. My vehicle is happier, and so is my wallet. Even with my older 2007 Expedition that was no longer applicable to enroll into the BG Protection Plan, I still use the products religiously.

A long-time client of mine was reaching the plan two thresholds, and I encouraged her if she's going to keep the car to get the fluids flushed with the BG Products for their Protection Plan. Well, today, that has paid off as BG Products has just covered a part that was over $1,200 and needed to come directly from Honda. Starting the claim could not have been easier, all online. Had my client moved away, any shop could have opened the claim. The only out-of-pocket expense she had was the brake fluid flush, which was a no-brainer for her, so she'll have another 30,000 miles of coverage.

Here's what a $1,217.18 part looks like (I know you're curious).

I give you the Modulator Assembly unit from a Honda Accord.

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