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Bored? Read more about your car!

If you find yourself bored at home and have binge-watch enough Netflix, take a break and learn something new about your car!

I understand others may not have the same level of curiosity as my family. Once my younger sister and I started reading her Camaro's owner's manual on the way to Walt Disney World because we were bored... Yup, we're definitely in the right industry.

If you don't want to read the owner's manual's dull writing check out our new website. We completely redid it during Christmas break. Yes, that's how much we love cars and the shop, haha. We did this for fun... Anyway, we redesigned it, made it more simple and took out a lot of the history of the evolution of some vehicle systems.

Some of clients told us of the old version, "Karolena you have great information, but it's too much. It's great information, but customers don't need to know the history of the braking system to make a good decision for their car" Fair enough, I admit I was a little hurt, but realized I needed to keep things simple to help people, which is my ultimate goal.

To help consumers understand their vehicle.

So check our website, watch a video or two and learn something new!

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