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“Car is making a lot of noise when driving.”

A friend of mine who works at a dealership sent me an email this morning with “Car is making a lot of noise when driving." along with this picture....

Yesterday on my Instagram account - solely to help build awareness for proper automotive care - I touched on the importance of inspecting your car's tires. The owner of the vehicle my friend checked is not only putting themselves in danger but also other people on the road's lives in danger.

Make a commitment today to physically look at your tires.

Maybe you'll notice something, & maybe you have warranty!

But catch something before it becomes a serious problem.

And before you put not only your life but other people's lives in danger.

If you have a noise, get it checked sooner than later.

**TIP** With your car on, turn your steering wheel a full rotation with the car in park and check the inside wear of the tire. Repeat process in other direction to see the other side.

**Look for bald spots, bumps and/or parts of the steel belt showing!**

(The tire above pretty much has all three symptoms...)

In this picture you can see this tire’s crown piles (or belts). This is made up of very fine, resistant steel cords bonded into the rubber - largely determining the strength of the tire.

^Segment of my Instagram post - better yet follow me! Help me spread car care awareness!^

I believe when we take care of things we give ourselves peace of mine, whether it is a car, our health, a home or any other asset or liability that requires attention. Empowerment begins with knowledge, but requires action for success. Start small. Build habits. Attain success.

@BeServiceSmart is all about building awareness about basic auto care. No second agenda. Honest tips and information to help people take care of one of the most expensive expenses. I want to help others, I just happen to know about cars. How do you share your knowledge?

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