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Changing little things in your environment can go a long way.

If you find yourself feeling that new car itch because your old car is feeling, well, old, try out some small modifications. Sometimes sprucing up your interior can help quash the desire for something completely new. You may just need something little to be new.

Ideas for making your car feel like new!

  1. Get a steering wheel cover. Maybe the actual steering wheel has been looking a bit sad, and no amount of cleaning helps. It could be to the point that the existing material has been worn down by time and use. Try installing an aftermarket steering wheel cover to help. Be sure to follow the instructions for measurements. Many online retailers offer quality products. Try to pick an easy to clean material -- personally, I would stay away from the furry and fuzzy fabrics. The steering wheel is one of the dirtiest items in a vehicle!

  2. Get a new gear shift knob. Perhaps your old shifter has become worn down with time and use or is so dirty that no amount of cleaner can revive it. Or maybe you want to add some personality to your interior, something to make you smile every time you get in the car. Try a new shift knob.

  3. Have the carpets professionally shampooed. A deep shampoo will make the carpet look nice and help freshen up the smell of the car. Vacuuming does a great job removing obvious debris but is by no means a deep cleaning. You want a steam cleaning carpet shampooing because it gets deep between the fibers down to the carpet's backing: goodbye, stains, and hello, fresh, clean smell!

  4. Mats. We all know how the driver side carpet can look after several years of driving, you know--the hole that develops. Sometimes new manufacturer mats can be expensive, but there are so many, and more affordable, aftermarket options! There are also very family and pet-friendly mat options like WeatherTech (a bit pricey, but I am yet to meet someone who has regretted the purchase). You can also use a new mat as an opportunity to bring in your own style and go with some really fancy options, like diamond-patterning or even Persian Rug mats!

  5. Seat covers can completely change the interior look and feel of your vehicle. Maybe you always had cloth seats, and those stubborn stains just won't come out, and you're ready for a new look. There are so many different options, from super custom to basic faux leather covers.

  6. Accessories! A couple of favorites include:

  • The seat gap fillers! This handy invention keeps your things from falling down into the abyss. Some even double as storage!

  • Wider rearview mirrors. These are amazing. The improvement of your visibility is incredible. You can also opt for a fancy one that includes a backup camera!

  • Maybe you are not as satisfied with your car anymore because it just isn't as comfortable anymore. Focus on comfort increasing accessories that offer more support for your bum or lumbar.

  • If you often drive long distances, consider a mini-refrigerator to keep your drinks colder without the mess of ice. Maybe even pack a lunch and park when you find a nice picnic spot!

  • Tech accessories can go a long way to give you that new car feeling without breaking the piggy bank. No Bluetooth? No problem, try out a Bluetooth FM transmitter.

  • Sunshade. Summer isn't here yet, but wouldn't it be nice to get into a car that wasn't so dang hot?

  • Additional storage compartments and organizers. This makes sure everything has a place, and everything is in its place, which will help keep the car tidy. Getting into a neat and clean vehicle sometimes is all we need to feel better.

Sometimes you don't need to buy a whole new car to get that feel-good feeling. Car payments, higher insurance costs, increased maintenance expenses are no joke and a massive decision. There are so many aftermarket options to help keep vehicles feeling new if we just take the time to explore the possibilities.

Do you have a favorite accessory? What did you buy for your car that fundamentally made a difference each time you got in it? Message me on Instagram! Or leave a comment!

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