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Check for Recalls - They're Free!

Yesterday, a client recently described a situation at Costco where they would not service his tires because he had an open recall on the rear steering/suspension. He said he gotten a letter from Ford a while back, but hasn't done anything with it. (I am reaching out to Costco to see if this is really a policy)

It is so important to take action when it comes recalls. These are situations and repairs that must be made for your safety, your passengers' safety and the safety of other people on the road who could be next to you when a major problem occurs.

Recalls are performed for FREE by the manufacturer. Using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can check on manufacturer website or the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration website to see if you have an open recall. www.nhtsa.gov

As consumers we must make a stand to hold people responsible for having these recalls addressed. Perhaps before any dealership sells a vehicle they must check to see if there are any open recalls currently pending on a vehicle and if there is, they must have it remedied prior to selling the vehicle. This is not currently the law.

I personally think it must be taken a step further to prevent people from registering the vehicle, but I understand consumers would have a huge push back, despite being in their benefit and best interest. Pay a little more for a used car as to cover the dealer's time and people, but at least you know there are no open recalls pending.

We must do something to instill accountability into this system. It can't always be the manufacturer's or dealer's or service center's fault. We need to be more proactive when it comes our safety and well being.

I would love to hear ideas as to how we can standardize the recall procedure because the system we have right now just is not working. Should shops refuse to work on vehicle's with open recalls? Should all dealers be required to have them performed prior to selling? Should consumers be required to have them performed prior to renewing registration?

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