• Karolena

Choose Quality Parts

I believe in keeping a vehicle until it just can't go anymore. My cars have over 100,000 and 200,000 miles on them. Apart from having great technicians, another key to this success has always been choosing quality parts and fluids. I apply the same logic when I recommend services on clients' vehicles.

As an auto repair shop, there are many different options of parts to use. However, using the cheapest parts available will not win you a long-term client. The risk to your reputation is not worth it as a service advisor. You want to build up your customer base so they can refer you to their friends and family. If you end up moving to a new company, they will follow you. (Always sign emails with your full name and have an updated LinkedIn profile.)

Another thing I do, especially with newer clients, is to tell them they have options. I explain what I am quoting and the benefits of using what I am recommending. But remind them they are in charge. Consumers rely on service consultants to advise them on what's best for them. Sometimes people are in challenging places financially so have options ready.

If you want to keep your car long-term, be sure you use quality products. If you're a Service Advisor, think about the long-term benefits when quoting a job and understand your customer's goals. Give them options.

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