• Karolena

Confession Time

I know better than to run my truck with low fuel. It's just asking for problems. I am ashamed to admit at this point it has become a habit over the last two months. So I am hoping posting this will help me be more accountable and not let my fuel go down so low.

I was raised to always fill up once my vehicle reached a quarter of a tank. If you ask my grandparents, they fill up every third to half tank. You never know if you need to drive across town for something. During hurricane season here in Houston, you definitely want to be prepared. And it's just plain not good for your fuel system to be running on fumes! Being an ASE certified technician I can definitely understand and appreciate the mechanics behind this rule of thumb.

Even if you like living on the edge of being prepared, the mechanical problems alone should get you to think twice of letting your gas go down. The issues you could be inviting can range from fuel filter to fuel pump. Nowadays with the fuel filters being part of the fuel pump assembly, what was once a upon a time a not too expensive of a repair just tripled.

I highly encourage everyone to keep an eye on your fuel tank levels for your safety and your wallet. I'm going to do better with mine.

Fuel Level Low Warning Label - Expedition
Ultra low fuel! Eeek...

Fuel filter interval for my truck is every 30,000 miles. Check your owners manual to see if your fuel filter is serviceable.

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