• Karolena

Confession Time

Being an owner of an auto repair shop, and a well respected one at that, I was thoroughly embarrassed when I saw one of my grandfather's brake lights was not working! And what made me feel especially bad was the fact that I had just seen him a couple days ago. It got me thinking. I never make time to see how I can help them (my grandparents) with their cars besides when they come in for service. How easy it would be to check their lights, tire pressure, and fluid levels whenever I go over for dinner. It would take me no more than 5 minutes. I have shop towels and a mini compressor in my truck all the times. This would give me the opportunity to help another person and spend more time with my grandparents.

If you know an elderly person that could use some help, reach out. I can offer car help, you can offer help with something that you're good with.

Tire pressure, fluid levels and lights are checked free of charge at my shop as part of the PAC Courtesy Check Out.

Karolena Serratos with grandparents after church.

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