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New Disinfecting Procedure Since COVID-19

I wanted to share with everyone our process when we go about disinfecting the vehicles. Right now it takes two people about 7.5 minutes to ensure nothing is overlooked. One person is reading the light out loud and visually inspecting to make sure all items are being addressed whilst the other is physically performing the wipe downs.

Something else our shop has adoptive are Check In specific caddies that contain all the necessary items to perform this task. This caddy is NOT used by anyone else in the shop. You can't go and grab the disinfectant out of it because each station has their own.

For other automotive professionals, here is what we have been doing. Consumers I will be making a separate post about what you can do at home for your vehicles.

Items will be disinfected as part of new check in procedure:

1. Key and/or key fob (by front office personnel) - We have completely overhauled this as well, but maybe go into that in a later post.

2. Exterior door handles

a. Driver side front

b. Passenger side front

3. Interior door handle + pull

a. Passenger side front

b. Driver side front

4. Install steering wheel cover

5. Start button (if equipped)

6. Rear view mirror: back and edges

7. Vents (direction adjustment levers)

8. Gear selector

9. Lights/wipers

10. Center stack knobs and screen (if necessary)

11. Driver side seat belt + buckle

a. Tip: buckle up seat belt

12. Parking brake release

13. Hood release

14. Disinfect ac air vents

a. Pop hood

b. Turn on vehicle

c. Turn on air conditioning (turn off recirculate)

d. Spray Frigi-Fresh into air vents.

Plastic vehicle steering wheel cover and car disinfectant bottle.
Professional Auto Care takes the trust of clients very seriously.

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