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Crowned the Princess of Car Care on In Wheel Time Radio Show

I really enjoy being on air. I remember the first show I did was probably about 8 years ago and I was so nervous. John Miller of the Auto Mojo Radio Show told me to, "be yourself and remember it's just us having a conversation, where millions of people just happen to be listening".

I can talk about car care all day long. I am so grateful to be invited to this platform to share my knowledge and understanding with others. I truly believe if we can take care of what we have, it is key for enjoying other aspects in life. Being a specialist when it comes to how to take care of one's car, I feel a moral obligation to get the message out there.

Karolena Serratos Auto Repair Shop Owner on Radio Show
Karolena guest on the In Wheel Time Radio Show

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Huge thank you to all the team at In Wheel Time! I recorded two slightly different messages so we'll see which one they choose! :D