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Disinfecting Pre Check Service!

Here is a full list and order we perform our disinfecting procedure. We are publishing this to give our clients comfort as well as help other auto care facilities.

1. Key and/or key fob (by front office personnel)

2. Passenger side front exterior

3. Driver side front exterior and interior door handles

4. Driver side front unlock/lock and window switches

5. Driver side seat belt + buckle

Tip: buckle up seat belt

6. Install steering wheel cover (sit down first)

7. Lights/wipers selector

8. Start button (if equipped)

9. Rear view mirror-back and edges

10. Gear selector

11. Parking brake release

12. Center stack knobs and screen (if necessary)

13. Vents (where to adjust direction)

14. Hood release

15. Disinfect AC air vents

a. Pop hood

b. Turn on vehicle

c. Turn on air conditioning (turn off recirculate)

d. Spray Frigi-Fresh into air vents

Clients can schedule online.

And even pay for their bill online through our online store. We are also providing select services deeply discounted or at cost to help ensure our clients important maintenance items are addressed and their vehicles are sanitized.

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