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Happy Car Care Awareness Month!

April is the time to be thinking about preparing your vehicle for the summer months. I recommend people to have their cars evaluated and start making a plan. These will be the last "spring days" before reaching 90-100 degree temperatures in Houston. And your vehicle needs to be ready for the unforgiving heat and hurricane season.

Use this time to become aware of what your car needs. Set yourself up for success this summer. Although you can't guarantee to avoid everything, maintenance is a great place to start. Like your body, the amount of care you show yourself pays off in the long term. Not just eating healthy and regular exercise, but even stretching before a run. That will help lower your chances of an injury.

Things I recommend to accomplish:

  1. Form an understanding of what your car needs and why

  2. How much x, y, and z items will cost you to perform

  3. Create a clear action plan on how you want to proceed with your car repairs and maintenance

  4. Write your plan down. To take that a step further, schedule out visits with your shop to commit to your car.

The shop you choose should answer all these questions and offer suggestions. However, like I encourage my clients, do your research. The shop cannot decide for you. Knowledge isn't power, but it can be empowering. Success requires you to take action. Knowing is not going to get you there; doing will.

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