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Harbor Freight recalling 454,000 jack stands

When purchasing tools it is always important to do the research. Harbor Freight is recalling jack stands! I have their announcement and the full article and the NTHSA report linked below.

Earlier this year I talked about a process of being mindful of intent prior to making a purchase. In the case of tools this is what I ask myself:

  1. How often am I going to use it?

  2. How important is it to my safety and others?

  3. Where am I going to keep it?

  4. What kind of maintenance does it require?

A jack stand would have a direct impact to safety. At times it can be so tempting to purchase things at the last moment because it's a "good deal". If something affects your safety, do your own research and purchase quality not price.

When you develop your own process on how to make a decision, you can hold yourself accountable and maybe even make safer choices.

Here is the NHTSA report.

You can read the full article here.

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