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How about Renting an RV?

School is starting soon and you're looking to embrace the last days of summer vacation. So you're thinking about how you're going to spend Labor Day Weekend. Last year you took a plane to your destination. Now, exposing your high-risk family members to the rigors of flying is too dangerous. What kind of options do you have? Well, have you ever thought about renting an RV?

While doing some RV research, I came across this site: outdoorsy.com. The number of options they offer impressed me! Anything you can think of, they've already thought of. For example, if you're worried about driving it yourself, they can drop the trailer off. If you're worried about setting it up, they can set it up for you! A lack of equipment or experience used to keep a lot of people from enjoying the outdoors. What I like the most about the site is that now they've removed the need for all that equipment and experience.

I believe that what we all need right now is a bit of a break from our screens. So many workings of the world may are limited to our computers at the moment that a hike and some trees might be what we need. A break from the computers, the screens, the ringing and beeping sounds. A moment to clear our minds and connect with people we love and care about. Or, some true solitude to give ourselves a chance to turn our gaze inward and spend some time reflecting.

I look back at all the travel trailer adventures my family went on and, yes, I'll admit, close quarters can make family time extra difficult. But I can't deny that some of the best experiences of my life happened because I was on the road with my family. What's in a good experience anyway? It is the experience, or who you're experiencing it with? We faced the challenges of the day together and learned something new, as a family. And each new adventure showed us how to work as a team. I got to learn what my strengths and weaknesses were and those of my family members as well. When you're staying in a travel trailer, suddenly you become a team. There is are too many tasks that it is impossible not to get the whole family involved. It could be backing into a tight campsite with a line of others waiting for us to finish so they can get to their own spots. Leveling out the travel trailer when putting the jacks down. Connecting all the hookups. Setting up the outside campsite. Unpacking everything inside. Making meals when it's raining cats and dogs. You don't have a choice: you have to work as a team, think on your feet, and learn how to be patient with yourself and your loved ones. So even if you don't have a travel trailer or RV or you're worried about setting it up, I'm here to tell you not to worry. Because even the Serratos family had to start somewhere. Our road trip odometer is around 250,000 miles but at one point it was 0.

Which camper would you choose?

Personally, I would go with one to give me the high ground.

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