• Karolena

How I'm saving $714 on car insurance

My insurance agent brought to my attention I could complete a driver's education course provided by AARP to receive a discount. The discount is valid for three years, at which point you'd need to retake the class to continue with the savings.

The course was under $30.00. My estimated savings over the next three years is $714.00. Wow, it was definitely worth the 4 hours it took me to complete and the fee. More than that, I am grateful to have made the time. Yes, the class was pretty dull. However, it brought awareness to things I stopped doing.

One of the most important reminders to me personally was the three-second rule. To apply this rule pick something the car in front of you is about to pass. Once they pass it, begin to count out the seconds until you reach the same object.

I have always assumed I had been giving myself enough space, but it was neat to check my driving in action. Most of the time, I was either at the recommended second mark or above, but it was interesting to test. It is recommended to increase your spacing by one second for light rain and two to three seconds for heavy rain during rain. Texas recommends a four-second rule at higher speeds.

I will post tips in the coming weeks from the course. I highly encourage everyone to take it; the savings alone justify the time spent. Call your insurance agent to confirm you are eligible for the discount.

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