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June is Pet Preparedness Month!

June is pet preparedness month. It's important to know that your pet needs to be just as prepared to go in the event of an emergency as are you. Three tips you can use to help is:

  • Identification, make sure your pets have identification with a tag and are micro-chipped. And have all relevant, corresponding documentation with you!

  • Keep your pet close if displaced by a natural disaster. They can be frightened and prone to startle, so also keep them on a leash during transportation and for a few days after each time you take them outside.

  • Make a kit for them too! Pack a few days of food, bottles of water, water and food bowls, medications, a pet first aid kit, sanitation needs (trash bags, litter, paper towels), a photo of you and your pet to prove ownership, and familiar toys, blankets, beds.

You can visit Ready.gov for more information on keeping your pet safe.

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Thanks Pets of the Homeless for sharing this information in your newsletter!

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