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Karolena, I don't know how much air my tire is supposed to have.

I realized after making my last post that I left out what could be some critical information about knowing where to find the tire pressure specifications!

So, no worries! I'm going to teach you right now so next time you're at a party bet a friend! Open your driver side door and look along the doorjamb* and you'll typically see a sticker like this one.

*(The part where the door and the body of the car meets)

You'll notice it has the front and rear tire pressures plus the spare spec listed! A couple notes: 1) some vehicles have different specifications for the front and rear and 2) if you don't have a spare, it might even say none!

Tire and loading information and specifications sticker for a 2011 Honda Pilot
2011 Honda Pilot Tire Pressure Sticker from Today!

At Professional Auto Care, we take this information down and input into our Service Smart program to make it quick and easy for our technicians to always put in the proper tire pressure! If you like your PSI to be at a certain specification for ride and comfort reasons that is different than your manufacture recommendations then let your shop know!

Happy driving everyone!

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