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My Expedition was ready for two new tires. I typically prefer changing all the tires at the same time. However, I am looking for a higher-quality tire. And unfortunately, the price point for the quality I was looking at can make it difficult to swallow the cost of all four simultaneously.

I have always preferred the Goodyear brand for my trucks and SUVs in the past. This last time I have been a bit underwhelmed by them. After researching, I have decided to move away from the Goodyear brand.

I narrowed my search to two options, and I needed to decide between the Michelin Defender LTX M/S All-Season and the Continental Terrain Contact H/T All-Season. I finally decided to ask an expert.

Overall, I would choose the Michelins Karolena, but Continental is very close for less money.... these two companies have the best two SUV tires in the game today.

I ended up choosing the Michelins. They have been worth every penny. And I will be purchasing two more before any road trips this summer. I chose this tire because of its specs; check them out!

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S All-Season specs:

UTQG Tread Wear Rating:


Traction Rating:


Temperature Rating:


Tread Depth:

12/32 in.

Take a look at my old and new tires side by side:

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