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Kent (ex shop manager) Visits Service Center

Many of you may remember my older brother Kent during his days at Professional Auto Care. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and worked at PAC from many years until moving up north with his wife and kids for her job. Anyways he called me about his latest auto care experience...

Kent recently took in his 2016 Suburban for service. He is a true believer in maintenance and following the owner's manual. He described a scene that we only had heard stories about from clients. He went in requesting an oil change and transmission filter replacement. The service writer then begins to belittle him about his choice and recommends a full flush for the transmission. Kent holds his ground, quotes he owner's manual and at 70,000, first time service, he wants to do the pan drop and filter replacement. To which the service advisor says well that's more expensive and the owner's manual is "old news". We have new system flush technology... Kent of course knowing all about BG Products, ask if they use them. To which the advisor responds he's never heard of them...

Once they managed to agreed on the next steps for the transmission, Kent moved on to why he really wanted to go in, he had two open recalls. (Only dealers can do recall work.) The adviser then begins to tell him that his truck doesn't have open recalls. Kent asks him to double check while they have the car.

(Kent is such a nice guy; I probably wouldn't have reacted the same way...)

The experience doesn't get better by the time Kent goes to pick up the car either. More customer service issues experienced, not the topic here. No one explained what he paid for or that they did a free tire rotation and he noticed the recalls had gotten done (both of them) because he looked at his invoice. He went inside to thank the adviser who never got up from his chair or looked away from his screen when saying, "yeah, I don't know why they didn't come up on the iPad but when we pulled the VIN a different way we saw them".* So they may not have been remedied if the Chevy dealership didn't have that Poka Yoke** feature built into their process.

Bottom line, I encourage everyone to do their research. I'm sure this man meant well (or at least I hope he did). As a vehicle owner, you owe it to your safety, to the car for its expected reliability and your pocketbook to sustain your vehicle. If you take a look at my website or the reports clients receive, I am constantly quoting outside sources. I feel the fiduciary duty to my clients, but not everyone does...

From a personal level, if someone came in with auto care knowledge- wow, my job just got so much easier! And also, cool! Maintenance is really the cheapest form of insurance anyone can do for their car. It's amazing peace of mind when you know you've done everything in your power to prevent a break down. Yes, life happens, things will still break, but by having a good relationship with a shop you trust can help bring that risk down. When you do your maintenance, it's similar to brushing your teeth. You do it everyday so the next time you see the dentist you won't have to worry.

Although an interesting statistic from the American Dental Association

  • Percent of women who brush their teeth twice a day = 56.8 %

  • Percent of men who brush their teeth twice a day = 49 %

^Now this is from 2013, hopefully more people are brushing now...

*Anyone can check recalls by visiting safercar.gov it's free and I recommend to do it periodically.

**A design in the process that prevents someone from making an error.

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