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Know How Much You Drive Before Buying Tires

Tires can be expensive and with so many different options it can be super overwhelming to chose "the right one" for you. One of the biggest questions I ask myself in almost all situations is what is my intention and what are my expectations?

And yes, this works when purchasing tires. What purpose do I want my my new tires to serve? How am I expecting them to perform? How long will they last?

How many miles do I drive this car each year?

Everyone's commute is different. If you work from home you may only drive about 7,000 miles in a whole year, but if you work across town it could easily be 20,000 miles a year. This is important to see how much life you expect to get out of your tires.

Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires after six years regardless of tread or miles driven.

A 7,000-miles-a-year commuter may only need to look for options lasting 40,000-50,000 mile rated tires.

A 20,000-miles-a-year commuter may want to look at options with the highest mileage rating they can get as they'll probably need to replace them prior to reaching the six years replacement mark. Maybe the more expensive 80,000 mile-rated-tires would be the better option than the 40,000 mile-rated-tires in the long run.

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