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Last Day of BG Protection Plan 100,000 Enrollment

Today was the last day for enrolling into the BG LifeTime Protection Plan with qualifying mileage of 99,999 miles and below. This week has been a busy week of flushes to say the least. So glad clients were able to get into the program before the rules change officially tomorrow.

The rules will change to how they were previous years for Plan 2 while Plan 1 will stay the same. This does not affect existing plan holders as long as you stay on top of your maintenance.

Plan 1: 0 - 5,000 miles

Plan 2: 50,001 to 75,000 miles

BG Products had seen a massive increase of claims from their tier two with quite a few suspected fraudulent claims which is why the company is reverting back to the old rules. Hopefully we'll see them push it up to 80,000 to 85,000 miles.

You can check out my post when I owned my Land Rover. My experience alone with their Protection Plan is why I am able to recommend their program without reservation.

Maintenance is really key to trouble free miles of driving, but it's great knowing if you encounter a problem, BG Products is standing with credit card in hand. I always tell people, get yourself in the Protection Plan and when you're coming close to the 30,000 mile service interval then you can decide if you want to flush the fluids again for another 30,000 miles of protection or if you are ready to part with your car. Cars are expensive, but it always should be your choice when you're ready for your next one.

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