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Making Auto Care Affordable

My goal has always been to make car care easy and affordable while at the same time providing technicians with the tools they need to be successful. The Service Smart℠ program bridges the gap between consumers and automotive technicians. Clear reports show what is needed, but more importantly, explains why something is needed. That's what makes us different. We are bringing order to an industry plagued with inconsistencies and miscommunications.

Many Service Smart℠ clients will notice they receive their Vehicle Health Reports℠ about every three to four months. This is an amazing tool that allows consumers to see what their vehicle needs now and in the future. This can help consumers plan their auto maintenance and make key decisions as far as their goals for the vehicle long term. Perhaps you have been on the fence about keeping your vehicle and you're coming up to a major service interval, like a timing belt replacement ($$$). Now you can see and predict these expenses.

Professional Auto Care now has taken the online store to the next level as we move to our next phase of making auto care affordable. Every month we put a new deal (or deals) on our store and clients can purchase them (at a steep discount) and it saved to their account for their next visit. By using this feature hand in hand with their Vehicle Health Reports℠, you can save up to 20% on services. The shop can then plan out the visit and the technician's time. Truly a win-win-win.

Challenging the Automotive Service Industry, One Client, One Vehicle at a time.

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