• Karolena

Monthly Checklists are Important

Here is what I recommend having checked out and done once per month;

  1. Tire pressure.

  2. Fluid levels.

  3. A nice car wash.

  4. A nice vacuum.

  5. Take a good listen to your car from outside of the vehicle.

  6. And then inside your car (with the radio off!).

  7. And then while driving your car (with the radio off again).

And if you're thinking, "yeah, okay...that's going to happen like never." Give yourself more credit to do numbers five, six, and seven. You're in your vehicle every day, and no one knows your car better than you. You might have gotten used to a noise, but you may notice something when you stop and listen.

Take your car into a car shop for a super quick fluid level and tire pressure check. While there, you can bring up anything else you may have noticed. Then visit a car wash if you don't want to do it yourself.

By the end of the adventure, you'll probably feel accomplished, have increased confidence in your vehicle, and have a happy car!

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