• Karolena

More Supply Disruptions Coming...

Ukraine and Russia both produce raw materials needed for the automotive industry, such as aluminum, nickel, lithium, and palladium, to name a few.

Russia leads the world in palladium exports.

The primary uses of palladium are:

  • For the production of catalytic converters in the automotive industry

  • For products like multilayer ceramic capacitors in goods that include laptops and mobile phones

  • In the jewelry industry, where it could be a substitute for platinum and be alloyed with gold to create a type of white gold

  • For surgical instruments and equipment and dental alloys in the medical industry

Shop owners are speculating more supply chain woes, higher cost of repairs, and an increase in new vehicle prices already at record highs.

A few of my questions; are the catalytic converter shortages about to worsen? We already have three cars currently in the shop waiting for shipments. If you know you need to replace your catalytic converter, should you go ahead and replace it now? When is the semiconductor shortage going to rebound? The pandemic has already caused ongoing supply chain issues with the chip shortage. How will the electric car industry be affected by the scarcity of raw materials for batteries and other components? Should new car buyers think about these factors?

I have already told friends of mine to have their vehicles thoroughly checked out and have brought them up to date on maintenance. Now is the time to be proactive with your car. Now is the time to take care of things or at least KNOW what it needs to start making action plans.

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